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I was looking forward to start in my new Montessori class this year. Everything was new and exciting. I don’t know for how long I waited for this moment to come and now I was fulfilling my dream of teaching 4 to 5 years old children.

Our first week went by between tears and settling down. My college and I worked hard to draw a new routine that could make sense to our children’s needs and besides, that would make them feel more secure and relaxed without the presence of their parents.

We are using songs to make the children remember the names of their new group of friends or to teach them concepts like: time, the weather, feelings… In that way, day by day, our little students are learning playfully the different parts of the circle time routine.

During this month we will be discussing the theme “All about me” by talking about their preferences and tastes related to: animals, colours… We did some activities to encourage them to be aware of ‘who they are’ and make them feel that they have a place and a right to belong to our group.

I can’t say that the beginning was easy but hopefully at the end of the week it started to have another colour.





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